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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Packing For London?!?!?????

 Suitcase and carry-on, much more space than I am use to!
 Goodies for my carry-on
 Plane outfit, comfortable but not jeans.  Underpinning, t-shirt, loose sweater/jacket and leggings plus grey ballet flats.  My jacket and purse are below.
 Accessories: 2-3 scarves/1 pair of comfortable dressier shoes/umbrella and belt.... notice the British Bulldog?
Black pants  2 pair.... 1 funkier with tie ankle and the other wide leg
1 pair of dark narrower leg jeans not too skinny on my legs!
 Man style blazer, this is great over everything (super deal from H&M) and of course my black leather jacket.
 This is my jacket to wear while travelling instead of a raincoat and comfy flats.  I am buying rain boots
 2 dresses, one fun colorful and the other classic
 Oh no 2 more dresses, the black is for evening and the flowered one is long and fun!
 2 layering light sweaters, I love the one with lace on the bottom

 2 t-shirts 1 underpinning, I am travelling with the red t.  Finishing off with a hat, glasses and passport cover.
Packing For London.........
In a few weeks my husband and I shall be visiting London for 8 days.  It's been 24 years since I have been there and I am very excited.  No, we are not attending the "Royal Wedding"!
For those who know me, I love to travel but I have to be organized.  I am talking about packing, I do not want to take too much or heaven forbid not enough.  Although that is always an excuse to shop.
So, my way of thinking is 3 colours only.  This trip is black-grey-red as an accent.  It is still somewhat cold there so no bright colors.
I have a new suitcase with 4 roller wheels, this baby is quite a bit larger than I am used to and I do not want it to be full!  I have to bring back goodies for my kids and gal pals!  I also plan on purchasing a pair of "wellies and a something from Allsaintsspitalfields"
I am taking my carry-on with me......head pillow/I-pad & headphones/socks/small toiletries bag/camera/jewel case/eye glasses etc.Here are the photo's of my plan of attack, please let me know what you think??? Do I need to take away or add?


  1. Pretty good layout! I shall request your expertise next time I need to pack.

  2. Holy man- you are going to look awesome while you are there my dear! WARNING - I am really worried that you are going sans rain/trenchcoat - I love your coat to be sure, and hope for sunny skys while you are there - it rained plenty while I was there and was so glad for my rain coat (Burberry - of course and a pashima- which doubled as a blanket over my head while flying)plus it packed light if I had to throw it in my suitcase - Warning - Hunter Wellies cost way more there then they do here, so keep the exchange rate in mind when buying things there that you can get here - oh and the Duty Free at Heathrow is to DIE FOR!!! It's a small shopping center - duty free Prada, shoes, sunglasses etc, etc - I regret paying London prices and wish I had known about all the shopping once we were at heathrow getting ready to fly home - also there are two Harrods duty free stores there, so save those purchases for the airport.Enjoy and say hello to Chuck and Cammy for me :)

  3. Thanks Dear, good to know about the wellies. So silly because they are from England but pay more there????? I really don't need them, I bought a heeled Doc Marten which is way more fun and comfy. I think I may purchase a raincoat at Spitalfields when I am there. I really don't think London is the place for shopping, way too expensive I will save my $$$ for New York.