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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dinner Before A Flames Game

 Friday night my hubby and I had a quick bite to eat before heading off to watch the Calgary Flames.
Olives is located just north of the stampede grounds, great location.  Parking is convenient and free if you are eating at the restaurant.  Our reservation was at 5:30 and you NEED one if it's a game night!  Olives was full to capacity and the service was good, considering.

We both ate a light pasta dish, i had a ravioli with asparagus and mushrooms, yummy.  White wine, which was wonderful  Dessert and coffee.


  1. Sounds great, what is that divine dessert I'm looking at?

  2. A cranberry buttertart with lemon ice creme, very delicious.

  3. Im glad to hear you had a good experience there, we went there for dinner and they tried to pass off a bottle of wine that was a different year then posted on the menu and charge the same price when in reality there was about a $20.00 difference - my husband caught it and in the end the manager came over and apologized, but it made us wonder.. we now always check the year on the bottle brought to the table.

  4. Okay this is interesting?????? We did have a situation with our wine. Now..... I am on ALERT!