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Monday, February 21, 2011


This past Saturday evening a girlfriend and i decided to try out Boxwood, after numerous kudos from friends.   This cozy "cafe" opened in the fall of 2010 to rave reviews and is part of the River Cafe family.
Location:  Central Memorial Park (yes, in the southwest corner) #340-13th Ave S.W.
Serving: Lunch-Snacks-Supper ......local/seasonal/sustainable food
Reservations:  No way, first come first served but there is a small waiting area
Dress:  Casual-dressy
Service:  Being treated like family

We arrived just before 6p.m. Saturday evening and were very lucky to snatch the last 2 seats!  We sat at a larger table with two other gals who did not seem to mind that my gal pal and i never stopped talking.  Hey, she just came back from an African safari and hiking Kilimanjaro.
We ordered a bottle of California red, small but good wine list with very affordable prices.
Our server Sarah (I do believe that was her name??), was good at explaining the menu, which is basically assorted apps/salads/small entrees to SHARE and enjoy.
We began with a red pepper hummus, roasted garlic and homemade crackers, delicious (Lot's to eat).
Then we munched on Sunworks organic roasted chicken with a side of yellow/red beets; special salad of grains, cheese and kale (my favourite); duck empanadas.  Dessert, we shared a Saskatoon berry ice cream sandwich & coffee.
There was more than enough food for the two of us but we did not want to waste anything so we took our time. 

To review:  The service was very good, food delicious and perfect for sharing.  We took our time dining and never felt rushed to leave.  Great spot for couples, a first date or with friends.  Get there early to get a table since it is a small cafe.  we will definitely return.


  1. Sounds delicious! The only thing that got me was the sharing the table must be way friendlier than I am :)

  2. The other gals were very nice but yes I am friendly! :)