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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day Dinner

Beautiful Flowers

Very Good Wine

Great Meal

A couple of months ago my husband and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to have Sunday night dinners together.  When our children were younger this was no problem but as they grew and their schedules changed so did dinner plans.
Our goal now is to plan a very good meal, often trying new recipe's.  Decanting a nice bottle of wine, setting the table with candles and enjoying our time together.  Our daughter no longer lives with us and most Sunday evenings our son is busy working so I suppose it's "our time" now.
My husband planned our Sunday dinner on Family Day and he did ALL the cooking.  Yes, I am a very lucky woman!
Roasted duck breasts with port wine cherry sauce, steamed carrots and asparagus with wild rice.  Delicious!  He also decanted a bottle of wine that had been put away for a special occasion, well worth it.
It is wonderful to take the time to sit/enjoy a great meal and conversation.
Looking forward to next Sunday dinner.


  1. What a great way to spend some time together, your meal looks/sounds delicious. We love to cook together too, sometimes I enjoy that more than the meal itself!

  2. You are a lucky lady having your hubby cook like that - my husband uncorks the wine and cleans up but does not cook - oh well, I hate doing dishes so I guess it all works out in the wash right? Great idea the Sunday dinner :)