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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mirrored Armadillo????

Sidewalk chalk drawing, Austin

Very interesting Hotel on South Congress, Austin.

Art everywhere, mural in alley

Would love to know this group's "story?"

Storefront sign

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Early Sunday morning last summer, I set out on foot to discover something in my neighbourhood.  There is a city dump area not far from my home and since no one was around I decided to check it out.  Besides the usual dirt pile, discarded furniture and tree stumps the usual grey concrete walls were covered in a festival of colour.  Normally I would not be drawn to graffiti especially on city property but this certainly caught my eye.  Someone had taken a lot of time and effort to create "art".  I took quite a few photo's of the entire area. I am an amateur photographer but I was hoping to capture something I could eventually enlarge and hang on a wall.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results  and have a series of 3 photo's in my home.  I have no idea who the graffiti "artist" was and went I returned the following Sunday the graffiti had completely changed.

Night Light

One rare warm summer evening I decided to try "evening shots".  I headed out on my adventure with tripod and camera in hand just before dusk.  Experimenting with speed, ISO settings and focal length  to hopefully produce something interesting. I was not really sure what the photo's would look like since the camera I use does not have a "preview" shots.  I played for about 1.5 hours then began fumbling as it became darker outside.  Carrying a small flashlight would have been a very good idea.  150 shots later and hoping to get 1 or 2 I really liked, I headed home. This shot was taken on the bridge at 33rd Avenue S.W. looking north on Crowchild.  It was a lot of fun and certainly a learning experience. Of course I cannot wait to grab my camera and head out on my next adventure.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Visiting Vancouver

8 days in mid Sept. I had the joy/elation of visiting warm Vancouver.  My daughter recently moved to Vangroovy and I wanted to see how my youngest was surviving or thriving.  My photo's of good times in a cool (warm) city.