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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Robins Nest

This past spring a daring Mother Robin built her nest atop a light on my back deck.  I watched her periodically throughout the day, never tiring flying back and forth to complete her task.  I strategically placed little strands of yarn and Kleenex to help her add some warmth and comfort to her home.  Between the packed mud, coloured yarn, grass and Kleenex at the end of the day it was complete. 
Viewing the nest but not touching I was amazed at the intricate work, the nest was completely round and hard packed, beautiful.
The following morning I expected to see Momma Robin bedding down preparing for the birth of her babies.  She never returned!  All that work and left behind.  I never saw her again and eventually the nest fell. 
I gingerly brought it in my home and filled it with pretty "soap" eggs.  The display is a "Homage" to all the beautiful Mother Robins, the work they do and gorgeous blue eggs.

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