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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Walk Photo's

First of all, this is AMAZING weather!  I absolutely love autumn and not just because the fall colours go with my hair.
Once again I headed out for my morning walk in hopes of finding some wonderful subject to photograph.  I was feeling quite uninspired and felt more like just walking and listening to the birds.  As luck or "karma" would have it 2 interesting subjects sparked my attention. 
 A gorgeous motorcycle and NO I do not know anything about motorbikes?????  It was clean, shiny and the owner was not close by.  I was a little nervous as I thought he (she) might think I was scoping it out to steal it. 
Right now I am inspired by "reflections" in my amateur photo's.  I took a few snaps capturing the design of the bike but also my reflection.  I like to call it my self-portrait, as I do not like having my own photograph taken.

Quickly moving on as not to be discovered by the owners I found my second subject.  An old Dodge truck sitting abandoned in a driveway.  I felt kind of sad for this vehicle , covered in dust ridden with rust spots neglected, alone.   The morning sun reflecting in the chrome work caught my eye.  I loved how the colour of the blue sky and the autumn leaves mirrored in the bumper and headlights.  I also wondered "what's this trucks story?"  Who owned it, how many miles had it travelled?

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