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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Annie and Alaska

My two dogs or should I say "children". When my children were young (now adults) my hubby and I decided we might like to have a family dog.  I had never had a pet before but loved the idea of something cute and cuddly but no idea of the work involved.
Alaska sitting tall in the above photo is the older male and Miss Annie with her chubby face and pink bow is the "princess".  It is interesting how just like people dogs each have their distinct personality.
Alaska is quiet, gentle, even tempered and always willing to cuddle.  Annie on the other hand is moody, forever wanting "treats" and would rather be outside playing in the mud.
The photo above is my favourite.  They had returned from the groomers and were quite exhausted.  Relaxing in one of their favourite spots I was able to capture their attention (probably promising a walk or a treat).  The top photo I included as "Annie from Alaska's perspective", as she tends to be bossy and push him around.
Oh my babies!

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  1. I love these pictures. Miss Annie looks like she belongs at my house, wearing a pink bow but "moody and wanting treats". She and I would get along great!