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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Morning Light Photo's

 This morning I arose early to adventure out on an 8a.m. discovery walk.  To discover what????  Light, warm glowing golden light, something that would catch my "good-eye".
My first discovery was a shredded plastic bag caught in a tree.  A gentle morning breeze was making the shreds move like an eerie ghost and the warm light reminded me of fire.  Okay so I had a little to much coffee!
I took quite a few photo's of this, varying the angles, apertures, speed and ISO.  Very pleased with the results I set off for my next discovery.
My last "good-eye" photo was a copper coloured tree.  I loved the roughness of the bark combined with the warm copper tones.  This time I set the camera to aperture mode (4.5 or 5.6) with an ISO of 100.
You never know what you will discover in your neighbourhood.  That's why.......carry your camera and keep your "good-eye" open!

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  1. Your photography has a way of making ugly things look beautiful!