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Friday, March 4, 2011

Good To Myself Day!!!!!

Yesterday I was reading a friend's Blog (FFL) which made me think about how as women we treat ourselves.  I think for the most part we are far tougher than anyone else.  God forbid anyone gives us a compliment and we are quick to negate it.
Soon to celebrate the Big 50 I have almost come to terms with myself, this is "me".  I can say, when someone gives me a compliment I either say thank you or I know!  I exercise, I eat healthy, I have a very good life, great family and friends.
I am journeying through menopause or seeing the light at the end!  Our society tends to put a negative slant on menopause, emphasizing crazy mood swings, serious hot flashes, loss of sexual drive basically all downhill from there.  Whereas Eastern thinking is it's just part of the process, becoming more enlightened and full of wisdom.  Gee, which way do you think is a better way to feel?????
I admit there are the days when I feel a bit cranky or fuzzy headed and I can be warm without going to Mexico.  However I am able to stand back and say, this is part of the process and what can i do to make myself feel a little better?  So yesterday this is what I did:

When I awoke I made myself fresh juice (apple, carrot, kale, celery)
then I pulled out my mini trampoline for a half hour of rebounding (great for your lymphatic system)  a half hour of rebounding is close to 1.5 hours of walking.
The I lit my favourite candle (from Anthropologie) and did 1 hour of yoga.
For dinner I cooked what I wanted (I was the only one home).... stuffed portebello mushroom and grilled asparagus and yes a glass of red wine.
As my girlfriends all say.....  Life is short, ENJOY and take care of yourself.
I love starting my day with fresh juice, don't get me wrong coffee is the FIRST thing I make!
My mini trampoline, great inexpensive investment.  Jump on for 10-30 minute intervals and no pressure on your knees!
 Well used yoga mat and favourite candle, Namaste.
My homemade treat, kale chips.  These are expensive in the health food store and kale is so good for you.  I buy a huge bunch, rinse, separate sprinkle with a bit of salt (or not) and slow bake at 250 until crispy. So much better than chips, delicious!


  1. You ARE good to yourself! What a productive way to spend a day! I have a batch of kale in the fridge waiting to be turned into chips. Maybe I should be good to myself too and go do that right now. Thanks for the push!

  2. Kale chips...never thought of making them myself, I am going to try that!

  3. Sounds like a heavenly day. And it is so important to be good to yourself. Great post!